Individulised Leather Goods

handcrafted the old-fashion way


Each Product is custom-made, individualised to your wishes, with Passion for the details that mater to you. Every step of the process is done 100% by hand. Dying, cutting, stitching, polishing , painting the edges… it takes a lot time.


All the stitching is done with traditional saddle stitching technique. With two needles, an awl, waxed thread and a lot of patience. The use of two needles will cause a chain stitch, and if the thread breaks in one place, the rest of the seam will not be affected, and your product will continue to be held together. No sewing machine can do that

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I did my first upcycling project at the age of 14 and rediscovered my passion for working with leather a couple of years ago.

As the only Person in a Family of Engineers and Craftsman’s with “Master of Music” is the obsession for detail and the desire for perfection everyday life.

INDIPANDART  is about devoting time to each customer, to every product, to your wishes and the details that matter to you.